“I’m a lucky man, one who turned his passion into job and he does it everyday as enthusiastically as the first day. I’m an Italian cook, a chef who treasures the quality of food and the sophistication of the dishes.”


Nicola Batavia (Turin, May 3, 1966) is an Italian Chef. He had his first work experience while attending the Hotel School in Turin when, thanks to the skills he had learned from his teachers, he gave baking lessons to his fellow students during their school trip to Amsterdam.

Following one of his teachers’ suggestion (a man famous all over the world for his well-known snack, the Fiesta Ferrero), Nicola moved to London for a summer job in a Spaghetti House restaurant.

He stayed in London for 6 years. He refined his English, he went to College and became a great fan of design, so much so that later in life he would teach classes about this subject in University.

After a small break back to Italy for the military service, he returned to England where he kept on working with the most important restaurants in London.

At 21 he moved to Thailand for a culinary partnership promoted by the English restaurant where he was working and discovered the oriental flavours and fragrances.

At the end of the 90’s he came back to Italy. Immediately after his return he opened with a partner the restaurant Le tre Galline; he specialised in the meanwhile in the Piedmont cuisine while working for two Stella Michelin restaurants near Asti.

In 1993 he finally opened his own restaurant in Turin, ‘L Birichin. In a few years time he opened other 3 restaurants in Turin, which were all completely different one from the other: the Nicomangia, Le Putrelle and the Bistrot. All of them were promoted and, once popular, sold.

Between 2002 and 2004 he attended courses held by renowned Michelin-starred chefs in Lyon and San Sebastian. In 2006 he was selected as the official chef for the Winter Olympics in Turin.

In the same year he also received a Michelin Star, renowned international award then refused in 2008, because in the opinion of the chef that such recognition is much more tied to the appearances and the formalism of the restaurant, rather than to the quality and the essence of the foods. This unconventional choice didn’t slow down the professional growth of chef Batavia.

In 2008 and 2012 Nike chose him as the official chef for The Olympic Games in Beijin and London, where he cooked for international sport stars like Maria Sharapova and Michael Phelps. In 2009 he became the first Italian chef holding a cooking and gastronomic culture course at the Qatar University of Doha, one of the most important university in the Persic Gulf. After a while, he also held a Masterclass about Mediterranean cooking at the Westminster College and University of West London.

In 2009 he went to China for a professional consulting, then he visited Seoul and South Korea as an official chef for Pasta De Checco. Again in 2009, he was called as a consultant for the opening of a restaurant in Casablanca, Morocco.

In 2011 he opened “Casa Batavia”, his restaurant in Notting Hill, London, which was then closed but is about to open again very soon.

The lodging London today includes counseling as executive chef in a prestigious local Mayfair for which creates and signature dishes with their own name. A May 2015 will open a local from the format similar to The Egg, but this time with gourmet menus entirely dedicated hamburger. Since 2013, World Ambassador Chef Lavazza.

A March 2014 opens, next to known Birichin, The Egg – As simple as an egg, gourmet bistro menu deal entirely dedicated to the egg, it becomes necessary a cooking school one to one, an exclusive venue for public events, private , business and more. It was so successful that in July 2015 The Egg will move EXPO Milan, in the pavilion of biodiversity.

Nicola Batavia is currently nominated as responsible for food and beverage for the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

He is now a frequent guest at the most important Tv shows in Italy and around the world. He has also co-authored with Massimo Roscia the book “Chef & Gourmet – semi-serious diary by a great chef and a goodie foodie” (original title: Chef & Gourmet – Diario semiserio di un grande cuoco e di un discreto buongustaio); he makes typical and rare products, as jams and a selection of olive oils that are so appreciated that many other chefs use them; he launched a Smartbox for real gourmets; he is constantly busy in the promotion of culture of great quality Italian food.

‘L Birichin is one of the most appreciated, charming and refined restaurant in Turin.
It often happens to spend time talking with the chef, to stop and read a book while sipping a vintage wine.

It is warm and welcoming, often transformed as an art gallery, with a modern but familiar taste, at Birichin is easy to feel like at home. The chef Nicola Batavia is the soul of Birichin, so it is not surprisingly that the kitchen and monitors allow you to follow every step of the preparation of what is ordered, that give you the chance to witness moments of great culinary creativity. The restaurant Birichin boasts a cellar full of precious wines that are expertly recommended to clients and matched according to their order.
We are waiting for you!

Mon – Sat 12.00 am – 3.00 pm | 7.00 pm- 11.00pm

The Egg, simple as an egg: the bistrot of chef Nicola Batavia opened March 19 (in fact Father’s Day) 2014 within the Birichin, in Turin. Cooking out of the kitchen, which is the table, the house, a meeting place, an incubator of innovation.

The Project

From aesthetics to culinary offerings at The Egg everything is focused on the egg and its simplicity, the forms of what you eat! The cuisine is based on small samples (“tease” or better, “cicchetti”) and some serving dishes prepared with raw materials of high quality, accessible at fixed prices. The menu, the average price of 25,00 € without cover and with complimentary coffee, combining Mediterranean cuisine (the origins of the chef) to the tradition of the Piedmont, which Nicola Batavia is strongly in love, making the egg, a symbol of his philosophy, the protagonist of a series of amazing dishes in their simplicity: the Egg caramelized in artichoke, the poached egg and eggs to the pallet, the scrambled, omelette, plates with quail eggs. The Egg is however much more: the delicious burgers, the delicious dishes of pasta and not … proposals to be enjoyed in a renovated. All accompanied by soft drinks, beer and prosecco, available to guests in the American fridge, from which you can serve yourself. At The Egg you can also opt for a tasting menu with 5 Cicchetti and first pasta to 22.00 euro, or book brunch for 10 people in 25,00 euro per person.

Mon – Sat 12.00 am – 3.00 pm | 7.00 pm- 11.00pm

My Creations

To express the essence of food in pictures, the chef Nicola Batavia relied on the objective of Massimiliano Sticca of B#Visual.
B#Visual is a reality of visual communication which is both agency, team and vision. It Travels, explores, observes, shoots. It tells realities and events, it enhances them through its look, for other looks.




Nicola collaborates with various companies both as a consultant and in product endorsement.

I collaborate with Lavazza for years now; a company able to innovate always the coffee: it is not simply a drink but also a fun in the kitchen.
Give it a try!
A pasta factory in the mountains, a company that I know from several years.
A close-knit team with a product of great quality.
Molino Quaglia
A big mill with excellent quality flours, where every chef can find pure fun.
Essenzia Siquri – Estrattori
A machine now obligation in every kitchen, capable of concentrating the flavor of each ingredient.
I collaborate with this serious company that is constantly my needs.
Guy Degrenne – Le spécialiste de l’Art de la Table
The food now is pure design.
As not being able to do research on materials where serve its own recipe.
I collaborate with Degrenne, a French company serious and attentive to the line of porcelain.
gliAironi | Al centro di tutto c’è il Riso!
A large rice cultivated meticulously with love.
Use their rice, great taste and a nice starch.


Nicola Batavia produces on its behalf sought a range of products, from jams to a selection of olive oils is greatly valued by many colleagues chef.
For information, please write an e-mail!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Nicola Batavia

The extra virgin olive oil by Nicola Batavia is obtained from a selection of the best olives harvested in central Italy. The olives are picked by hand and the oil is cold extracted quickly. With its fruity taste, this food of the Mediterranean diet, thanks to its characteristics, it is particularly suited to dress bruschetta, tomato sauces, vegetable soups, roasts and much more.

Jam and Marmalade

The jams of Gooseberries, white figs, lemons and green tomatoes and peaches in syrup Batavia are simply poetry for the palate. These selected products, cultivated and then processed with care and professionalism, the respect of the quality and of the properties of the products themselves, absolutely cannot miss in the houses of the most demanding palates and attentive.

Jam with pieces of peel frosted and from the taste and fragrance decided. Perfect spread on bread for breakfast and fresh charge of energy, or for the preparation of cakes or for the dough of special bread.

Jam obtained from an ancient variety of figs, imported in the eighteenth century by a noble family of Macerata. The extreme delicacy of the mature fruit is revealed in the soft consistence in chunks, with its typical pebbles. Excellent in combination with white meat and cheese delicate blue-veined cheese, as gorgonzola sweet.

Jam from dense consistency with pieces of crushed berries. The fragrance evokes the scents of wild berries with a long note of strawberry grapes. The gently taste bitter and sour, makes it an excellent accompaniment to cheeses semistagionati a hard crust or for use in cooking white meats.

Glossy jam frosted, into pieces, from an intense green color and brilliant. Perfume and flavor reveal the freshness of the tomato and leave the palate in a sweet taste. Perfect with the mozzarella hot and cold, on bruschetta or on the classic canape.

Natural Peaches in syrup are peeled with hands and cut in half. The Peaches from the Val d’Aso are beautiful, large and compact, with a deep golden yellow color. The nose reveals the typical smell of fresh peach while the lemon juice makes the syrup pleasant to drink. Excellent alone as a dessert or served with vanilla ice cream.


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